Benesi Safaris Kenya


Mombasa Town Tour :

Morning pick up from respective hotels and proceed to visit the Akamba wood carving. You will visit the Indian temple and the Mombasa landmark (Elephant tusks) in the city center leading to Mama Ngina Drive on the sea shore enjoying a panoramic view of the seafront. A visit to Fort Jesus is a must. This is a Fort that has undergone historical phases of immense interest from a Portuguese to Arabians and to the Kenya Government as a prison and eventually as a museum. Walk around in the old town and old harbor which was notorious for slave trade. Return to your hotel.


Extension…..there is a possibility for a full day tour extension with lunch at Hunters Steak House or Ngomongo Villages where one can enjoy the different cultures depicted.

Shimba Hills Tour :

The Shimba Hills game reserve is a short drive from Mombasa South of the island, they are reached via the Likoni Ferry and are over a thousand feet high which offers one a view of both the Indian Ocean and the African bush. Shimba Hills National Reserve is a small park situated in Kenya's Coast Province, very close to the local beach resorts. It is a dissected plateau that ascends steeply from the costal plains - it rises from around 120 m to 300 m across the bulk of the plateau and as high as 450 m at Marare and Pengo hills.
About 400 elephants live in and around the reserve, a population that is unsustainably large. It is also the home to the rare sable antelope.

Full Day - City Tour and Nature Tour:

This excursions extends the city tour of Mombasa with lunch and an afternoon extension. After the last morning stop at the Akamba carvings, depart for lunch at the Whistlings Pines Restaurant located at Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail - the Haller Park... US$140 P.P

Tamarind Dhow Safari /Jahazi Marine:

This romantic Arab-style dhow trip can either be done for lunch or dinner. For lunch, depart hotel at 11.30 a.m and for dinner depart at 1800 hours. At 1200 hours or 1800 hours ,departure from the Tamarind jetty for the lunch cruise or evening cruise respectively COST US$150 P.P

Wasini Island & Kisite Marine Park- 8 hours

A day of ultimate pleasure started off with a sail on a swahili dhow, visit to at Marine Park where you can snorkel or goggle and finally a gargantuan seafood lunch . COST US$190 P.P

Mwana Mosque

This well-preserved 16th-century mosque stands at the mouth of the Mwachema River. The high-ceilinged prayer room is still used regularly by worshippers. The Mosque is surrounded by baobab trees, which grow to great size here since there are no elephants to root them out. It's respectful for lady visitors to cover their heads, shoulders, and knees in whatever mosque they visit. A good tip is to carry a scarf and a kikoi to wrap around the body if necessary.


This is a full day excursion from your hotel or beach resort  in Mombasa or Malindi starting after breakfast and ending in the evening ,depaending on your selection of activities.

Gede Ruins Tour

Gede Ruins is a 12th Century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago due to unknown causes. It is now a National Museum, and the ruins are heavily overgrown with beautiful indigenous forest trees, baobabs and tamarind. Well worth a walk and a visit. Look out for Syke's Monkeys, and the Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew can also be seen here. COST US$200 P.P

Arabuko Sokoke

Today you'll have an early start as you head in to the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is East Africa's largest remaining area (420 square km) of indigenous coastal forest. The Forest contains six species of globally threatened bird, three of which, the Sokoke Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit and Clarke's Weaver, are found nowhere else in the world. Whilst taking the time to spot the many other birds in the area, most of your time on this day and evening will be spent trying to ensure that you spot the 'Sokoke Six', which are the Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit, Amani Sunbird, Clarke's Weaver, East Coast akalat and Spotted ground thrush. COST US$200 P.P

The Vasco da Gama Pillar

Malindi's most famous monument is the bell-shaped Vasco da Gama Pillar , erected by the Portuguese explorer has as a navigational aid in 1498 is also famous for being a gift from Vasco da Gama to the Sultan of Malindi for his generosity and hospitality.