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Samburu National Reserve Safari


Samburu national reserve safari is the most popular game reserve in the north kenya. Samburu national reserve falls in the bank of river Ewaso Ng'iro. If you are coming for a safari, then you are going to find lots of wildlife, living on the water from the river aside. You will also see cheetahs, leopard and lion along with big grazers like hippopotamus, impala and buffalo.

People visit the Samburu national reserve safari not just to see the largest and most diverse collection of animals at a place, but also to visit the native Samburu people who have been living with the animals in the region for many years.

If you like elephants, then you must go for samburu national reserve safari as the the game reserve has more than 1000 elephants. All living peacefully in sync with other animals. Samburu hosts a unique wildlife which cannot be seen everywhere.

This natural reserve is named after the people of Samburu, who are camel, cattle, goat herding people.

You will also find a variety of birds while enjoying the Samburu safari. There are more than 500 species of bird in this national reserve. You will find eagles, vultures, somali ostrich, falcon and kingfisher.

Flora and Fauna of Samburu National Reserve

The reserve is mainy covered with scruby bushy plantation.

The Samburu National Reserve is the home to the worlds most famous lionesses - George and Joy Adamson’s Elsa. One more famous lioness named Kamunyak can also be found which is famous for having adopted 6+ oryx valves.

People also come here to see animals not found everywhere , commonly referred to as Samburu big 5 - which consists of Beisa onyx, Grevy Zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali Ostrich and long neck gerenuk. These animals got so adapted to the nature that they can survive without water for many days. In fact they survive from the moisture / water they get from food.

You will find large striped grevy zebra, gerenuk antelope and designer coated giraffe.

All three big cats- lion tiger and cheeth can be be seen hunting their food in the reserve. Although cheetahs are seen less, but people say they are able to spot it while safari.

In most of the reserve, scattered trees and scrubby bushes are the mainstream greenery. Flower can be seen only in certain times of the year. Elephant is the main dominant mammal of samburu national reserve.There are thousands of elephants who live peacefully here. Even a zoologist named Iain Douglas-Hamilton has a research camp based here which does its research on elephants.

The daytime temperatures reach 40 degrees during January and October. Termite mounds and weaver bird nests are common in samburu national reserves.

Climate in Samburu National Reserve Safari

The days are hot and nights are relatively cool. The average maximum temperature here is around 30 degree celcius and minimum at 20 degrees.

What all to see in Samburu National reserve safari -

If you go to the south side of park, you can see many wild animals there, like cheetahs, hippopotamus,dik-dik, lions, leopards impalas grevys zebra, reticulated giraffe etc. Majority of these can be seen during dry season as all of them collect near the river as its the only source of water in the national reserve. Elephants and crocodiles can also be spotted near the river.

What is the best time for safari in Samburu National reserve ?

The time from december to March and July to October are the best time for a safari here as these are the dry period of the year. April to June is also good time if you are ok with rainy season.


Samburu National Reserve Safari Package Details


You will be picked up from the Jkia airport upon arrival in Nairobi and drive north to Samburu game reserve with a stopover at the Equator view point. Arrive for lunch at the Samburu Lodge with a game drive later in the evening to search for rare northern game species such as the reticulated giraffe, grevy zebra, beisa oryx, long necked gerenuk gazelle among others. Dinner and overnight at Samburu Lodge.


Spend your morning and evening searching for the Big five and other plains game in this semi arid oasis watered by the Ewaso Nyiro river while on full board at Samburu Lodge.


Departure after breakfast and return to Nairobi to be dropped off at the airport for your return flight back home.  


USD 750 per person sharing in High season
USD 620 per person sharing mid season
USD 590 per person sharing low season

Our Cost includes:
Airport meet and greet services,
transport in a Safari converted safari van
Accommodation on a full board basis,
Game drives, fuel, driver m/guide services,
Park entrance fees
All taxes

Cost does not include:
Tips, extra activities like visiting Maasai villages, drinks, laundry, massage services, e.t.c


Things to Do in Samburu Natural Reserve Safari

Camel Ride: Riding on the back of camel ride to the wild side of samburu natural reserve is something to be done for sure if you are coming for samburu natural reserve safari. Actually the camelback ride to the wild is the right way to do safari as it allows to get close to the animals while touring the samburu national reserve .

3 Big cats: The 3 big cats- lion, cheetah and tiger usually come near the river Ewaso Nyiro to drink water. Safari people can have good sight of these animals near the river.

River Ewaso Nyiro: River Ewaso Nyiro is the main river of samburu natural reserve. It is the main water supply of the region, supporting the lives of all the animals in the reserve.

Riverine Forest: This forest is the attraction of the reserve. Its full of greenenry and people experience cold breeze in this forest. You can find lots of colourful birds chirping and flying in the forest.You will find kingfisher, tawny eagle, spurfowl and many other varieties of birds here.

Learn how the life in Samburu is different from the life in Masai.

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